ompulsory textbooks: Kathy Gude - Cambridge English Advanced Result Student´s Book
Kathy Gude - Cambridge English Advanced Result Workbook

Credit requirements: Final test (Units 1-6 Student´s Book + Workbook; moodle materials)

During the semester we will also write Midterm Test (Units 1-3 Student´s Book + Workbook). If you pass Midterm test successfully, you will get bonus points to be added to your Final Test score at the end of the semester.

100 - 90% = 5 bonus points

89 - 80% = 4 bonus points

79 - 70% = 3 bonus points

69 - 60% = 2 bonus points

Midterm test is not graded, it´s just P(assed) or F(ailed). In order to get the bonus, you will need 60% or more. Test will include the sections of Reading, Listening and Use of English (grammar a vocabulary from Units 1-3 of Cambridge Advanced English Result Student´s Book a Workbook + moodle materials.) Points for all three parts will be counted together.

The Midterm Test date will be announced here on Moodle.

For Final test you will get a grade (A - E) or F(ailed). The test structure will be identical with that of the Midterm test (Reading, Listening, Use of English) and you will need 60% to pass. The Use of English part will include grammar and vocabulary from Units 1 - 6 of Cambridge English Advanced Result Student´s Book a Workbook + moodle materials. Points for all three parts will be counted together (you do not need 60% in each of the sections, just from all of them together). Reading and Listening part of the test will be taken from a random CAE test.

 In the first lesson we´re going to write the Introductory test. Those who pass it, will have the optional attendance to classes. Students who have FCE/CAE (CPE) certificates also have optional attendance (you need to bring me the copy of your certificate by the end of September. A plain copy is fine).

BUT! Each student who wants to pass the A1JC1 course has to write the Final test in order to get the credit. Passing the introductory test in the first lesson gives you only the possibility of voluntary attendance. The same goes for holders of FCE/CAE (CPE) certificate. Those who do not pass the Introductory test have compulsory attendance to classes (3 absences are allowed).