Instructor:  Daniel Sampey, MFA   


Office: U2 332

Consultation Hours LS 2017:  to be announced  (student requests for alternative meeting times will be considered)

In the attachment please find a .zip file including ALL the course materials for the subject Business Correspondence for summer semester 2017. Please print and complete the worksheet for week one, bring it to the first lesson and be prepared to discuss the information in the worksheet.

In addition to the weekly course worksheets, two additional reference documents have been included: “Business Writing Useful Phrases” and a longer text I use for all my language courses called “Notes on Writing.” In the latter document, please read and follow closely the guidelines regarding writing assignments, especially regarding evaluation (the system and meanings of marks) and other guidelines e.g. BASIC MISTAKES LIST 1.

Each week students are expected to complete the exercises in the respective worksheet, although only TWO writing assignments during the semester must be submitted for me for evaluation. (Students are encouraged to complete each assignment on every worksheet every week, and I will be happy to meet with students who wish me to give feedback on their work, but only two assignments will be evaluated for the course requirements.)The two printed writing assignments that will be evaluated are the CV and the “Formal Letter of Agreement,” due on week 3 (20 February) and week 7 (30 March) respectively.