In the .zip file in week one please find ALL the course documents and materials, including the assignmnent for the first lesson.


Summer Semester 2017


Instructor:  Daniel Sampey, MFA   


Office: U2 332

Consultation Hours LS 2017:  to be announced  (student requests for alternative meeting times will be considered)


1)    Required: weekly assignments / texts for each class session are on Moodle. (Every week please print the assignment documents and bring them to our lessons. Please print this document and bring it to our first lesson for reference.)

2)    Recommended: the general document on English language learning called Notes on Writing is also on the class Moodle page and is highly recommended as a series of tips, guidelines and rules at an CEFL level C1. This handbook can also certainly be useful for all writing, e.g. for your bachelor thesis, which most of you are researching and writing this semester.

3)    Additional recommended links to drama and literature texts as well as research materials can be found in the .zip file "AMERICAN CULTURE THROUGH DRAMA - A6DRA"


1)    Attendance with active participation and preparation for seminars, i.e. according to each week’s Moodle assignment, preparation for seminar discussions by reading assignments and watching video selections on YouTube, taking relevant notes according to the week’s discussion topics, then express your results during our conversations regarding the work and cultural issue in question. If a student does not communicate ideas and opinions to her / his classmates, it is assumed that she / he has not prepared and thus this student will be marked as absent for that class. (70% of total course evaluation)

2)    30-45-minute group dramatic / informational presentation on a subject related to an American Drama. Topic to be chosen by the group to be submitted for instructor’s approval by the class meeting on 21st or 22nd February. Thus as soon as possible students are encouraged to form groups of 4-7 students to discuss their choice or work / theme. Suggestions of a combination of theme and play can be found in the list of weekly assignments below and on the STAG course card (v češtině). Also, see further details below.

3)    70% attendance of all sessions. Any exceptions must be discussed with the instructor beforehand, with written documentation required, e.g. for health or employment reasons, in which case an extra assignment can be agreed upon, usually a 4-5 page (5,000 words) research paper on a specific issue regarding a play of the student’s choice.*

* Regarding the potential supplementary research paper, neither plot synopses nor basic character descriptions are counted toward the final word total, as the target audience for the essay is an expert who is expected to already be aware of basic information about the canon of American dramatic literature. Chicago citation style and at least 3 secondary academic sources must be used in addition to quotes from the primary literature and, if useful, citations from popular sources.

Please read the pages of vitally important information in the .zip file, including preparation for the discussion questions for the first lesson.