Instructor:  Daniel Sampey, MFA   


Office: U18 405

Consultation Hours LS 2018: Tuesdays 11:00-13:00  (student requests for alternative meeting times will be considered)

Course requirements:

1) 60% attendance (i.e. 6 lessons). Any exceptions to 60% attendance must be discussed with the instructor beforehand.

2) ACTIVE preparation and participation: Each week the appropriate worksheet must be printed, completed and brought to the lesson for discussion. The answers as well as language on the worksheet should be prepared before the lesson, including and especially pronunciation of the weeks' terminology in the worksheet. During each lesson, the information will be discussed by students, first with a partner or in a small group, then in a classwide revision during which the important points of grammar, vocab, style and pronunciation will be covered.

3) Successful completion of three writing assignments to be marked for evaluation:

+ A CV (Curriculum Vitae - životopis) (due week 3)

+ Student’s choice of a formal letter of agreement (formální koordinační dopis), or a letter of introduction for a job application (průvodní dopis) (due week 6)

+ A business proposal (obchodní návrh) (due week 9)

In the Moodle setting for first week of the course (5 February - 11 February) there are several attachments and some useful weblinks. The first two attachments are mandatory, i.e. students are responsible for all the information.

1) The attachment, ".zip file A6KOR," includes ALL the required course materials for the subject Commercial Correspondence for summer semester 2018. In addition to the weekly course worksheets, an additional reference documents has been included: “Business Writing Useful Phrases”

2) The second required file is called "Requirements / Evaluation of Assignments A6KOR," the title of which is self-explanatory. Please follow closely "BASIC MISTAKES - A-C;" these issues reflect the minimum standard of English that will be accepted in the assignments.

To bring the writing assignments to an even higher level, use the third document “Suggestions and Guidelines for EFL Students.”  Use the information in this text for long term self-study.

Students are encouraged to complete each type of writing assignment discussed on the weekly worksheets, but are only officially required to complete the exercises on each worksheet, filling in gaps, matching, multiple choice, etc. I will be happy to meet with students who want feedback on any type of writing work they have done, but only the three writing assignments above will be evaluated for the course requirements.

The last .zip attachment in Moodle week one contains many optional fun and useful materials.

Regarding all bachelor's thesis written in English, I can also advise students regarding language, style, information as well as citation methods and format. If students cannot meet during my consultation hours (Tuesday 11:00-13:00), another time can be agreed on by email or in person after our A6KOR lessons.

Any questions let me know, e.g. if you can’t download or "unpack" the course attachments directly below this text.